TBRC Villain
TBRC Villain
TBRC Villain
TBRC Villain

TBRC Villain

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The long awaited TBRC Villain.  Sleek, fast and nimble by design.  Constructed from extremely durable 1.9# #superfoam  (Hybrid Expanded Polypropylene Foam). The Villain is designed to be the fastest wing out there, but going crazy fast is only half the battle, bouncing all over the sky is not going to help you win races. That is where the Villain really shines. Not only is it crazy fast, but it's also super smooth too. This means you can hold your line around the race track and achieve better times. This is truly a pilot's plane. Designed and refined by over 1 year in development. It is tuned to give you the best flying experience. 


Kits comes with

* CNC Machined Aluminium Motor Mounts, 

* High quality Carbon Fiber and Glass Fiber spars

* More then enough new 3 mil SuperStick low melt Laminating Film, 

* Coroplast Bay Hatch, 

* Coroplast Winglets, 

* 2-56 Dubro Control Rods with Dubro KwWik  Link Clevis's,

* Heavy Duty Grubscrew  Style Linkage Stoppers 

* Extra Strong Aluminum Control Horns

* Balsa Elevon Stock

* Full Decal Set.


​The CG is 6.25" from the nose.