Rising Sun FPV Muti-GP Spec Gate
Rising Sun FPV Muti-GP Spec Gate

Rising Sun FPV Muti-GP Spec Gate

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  • Internal size: 2000x2000
  • Woven mesh fabric
  • UV resistant 
  • 75mm pockets with reinforced eyelets
  • Strong AF
  • Easy to see in any FPV camera

Includes one top panel and two side panels for Multi GP Gates, its a three-piece system unlike some other designs so if one panel does break you can easily just replace that panel.

We only sell the fabric due to the heavy weight of other components required. You can buy metal gates from bunnings warehouse or any metal distributor for the most durability and this is what most FPVR clubs are using, or for less cost, you can use PVC Pipe.

To build

  • 25mm plastic conduit or metal tube
  • 2x 25mm elbow connectors
  • 2x 12mm rebars
  • Cable ties to hold top and side panels together.


  • Top piece to cut 2830mm
  • Side pieces to cut 2620mm 
  • Note that these sizes are rough estimates and your sizes to cut will depend on the connectors you purchase.