Hornet FPV Frame (Designed by KMAC)
Hornet FPV Frame (Designed by KMAC)
Hornet FPV Frame (Designed by KMAC)
Hornet FPV Frame (Designed by KMAC)
Hornet FPV Frame (Designed by KMAC)

Hornet FPV Frame (Designed by KMAC)

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The Hornet FPV Frame aims to make Cinematic FPV filming less complicated, so your always ready to capture epic Cinematic content! The frame has the traditional dual M3 screw arm mounting pattern with 2 bolts on each arm hold the arm sturdly in place with the neat addition of isolated 30x30 mounts for the centre stack to reduce vibrations entering the gyro.

The frame offers many mounting options for FC, ESC, FPV camera as well as GoPro’s. With 4 adjustable camera mounting positions that have an adjustable range of 160 degrees, mount your cameras in any direction or mount multiple cameras at once! Gopro mount sold here

The Hornet has extremely strong and robust 6mm arms that will take a beating without delamination so that you can continue filming! The 6mm arms pared with the sandwich design, comprised of a 3mm bottom plate and 2mm reinforcement plate creates one of the stiffest frames on the market! Just try and flex it!

Key Features
o Durable 6mm Arms
o Tried and Tested Squish Design
o Highest Quality Chamfered Carbon Fiber
o Loads of room inside for a nice clean build no matter component choice
o 16x16 and 19x19 motor spacing
o Traditional 30x30 mounting, and two additional 20x20 mounts
o Designed for UMMAGRIP which can be found at Rising Sun FPV!

o 130g


Spare Parts located here

o 4x 6mm Chamfered Arms
o 1x 2mm Chamfered Top Plate
o 1x 3mm Chamfered Bottom Plate
o 1x 2mm Chamfered Reinforcement Plate
o 2x 3D Printed Micro Camera Mount
o 2x 2mm Chamfered Camera Mount
o 9x 7075 30mm Aluminium Standoffs (1 Spare)
o 8x 14mm M3 Screws
o 8x 12mm M3 Screws
o 18x 8mm M3 Screws
o 8x Press nuts Pre-installed on the Bottom Plate