Josh Brewster (Squish)

Name: Josh Brewster

Pilot Name: Squish

How did you get into FPV Racing: I saw Thomas Bitmatta at a technology expo in Melbourne and he was flying his quad LOS and then he raced Paul Bitmatta with tiny whoops.

What civilian club do you race with: BorderFPV (Albury Wodonga)

Currently flying: Freestyle: -Quadracer Misfit -Hyperlight F4 -Aikon AK32 4in1 ESC -Brotherhobby Speed Shield 2207.5 2400kv -Caddx Ratel Micro -TBS Crossfire Nano RX -TBS Unify Pro32 Nano

Race: -Quadracer God_Mode -T-Motor F40 Pro II 2600kv -Hyperlight F4 -Aikon AK32 4in1 ESC -Caddx SDR2 Race Micro -TBS Unify Pro32 Nano -TBS Crossfire Nano RX

How long have you been flying FPV drones for: Since January 2017

Tips for those getting into FPV: GET ON THE SIMULATOR. I have seen a lot of pilots dismiss the simulator and it’s COSTS. I have around 1300 hours on Liftoff and 300 hours on FPV Air II. Simulators are KEY not just for starting but all throughout FPV.

Achievements: 17th at FPVR AO on Time Trial Track 2nd in freestyle at the FPVR AO

Social: Instagram YouTube